Walnuts as a healing tea


Use walnuts as fruit but leaves and walnuts as a tea also can be a life savior.

Walnuts is the result of whose you take the cloves and used use them as food as well as fruit with healing attributes.
Since May walnuts can be taken used and replace some of different drugs.

Walnut leaves, fresh but also dried can be used like tea as very effective for regulating blood pressure, strengthening the stomach, good digestion, against different dry etc.

This type of tea was used in antiquity too from the wounded soldiers, in infected wounds and draining pus, also in cleaning the eyes in case of infection.

Tea walnut for use against cough
walnut tea

Walnut tea : Obtained 25 g of dried leaves or 50 g saturated, placed in a pan of water 1/4 l, boiled 10 minutes together with honey as desired. Then cooled and drained. This type of tea can be used repeatedly with a tablespoon for the throat pain and the appearance of cough.

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