Strawberry! This miracle of nature!

Man as intelligent human being should use its information in relation with nature that  surrounds it.

When it comes to muscles you should know that in nature you have your “food assistant” we must also have in mind strawberry as an important fruit constitute in development of our physique.


Did you know that strawberries, those beautiful fruits not only have heart-shape, but they are very tasty and  sworn enemy of heart disease.
Strawberry is one of the most assists in the formation of muscle for those addicted to fitness.

If you didn’t know, you should consume as much strawberries as you can because they have other benefits we just have to thank mother nature for this gift.

Strawberry reduces cholesterol in the blood, reduces the possibilities for cancer in the heart, in the intestines, stomach cancers of the mouth and lungs.

The antioxidant content in strawberries is 7 times higher than the apple and banana,
and 2 times higher than the orange and grape, therefore this fact makes strawberry  as one of the fruit that have most great effect in our  body.

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