Fruits and vegetables for a healthy pregnancy

Fresh fruits and vegetables have a lot of health benefits more fresh they are more benefits you  can get from them. Their nutrients can be used in the pregnancy time for the health of the mother and of course of the unborn baby.

download During the pregnancy a mother should make a list of the fruits and vegetable that she will consume. Some excellent fruit choices: apricots,blueberries,cantaloupe,cherries
grapefruit or grapefruit, juice,grapes,guava,kiwi,mango,papaya,pear,persimmon,pineapple,raspberries,blackberries,strawberries,tangerines,watermelon etc.
Eating fruits and vegetables help you during the pregnancy to lower blood cholesterol, for a great diet adding fiber to your diet, as we know fiber fills you up, than for diabetes, to maintain a healthy bold pressure many many other benefits .
Fruits and vegetables have another reason that we should consume them constantly for the variety of flavors and textures that fruits and vegetables bring to meals and snakes they are low calorie.

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