Carrots make you like and eat vegetables

If you don’t eat and like so much vegetables, as a new fresh vegetable eater you should get started with carrots. Buy them fresh in season, they cost less and are likely to be at their point of flavor. Carrot is considered as a underground vegetable so it should be washed and prepared to be eaten.

Vary your vegetable choices to keep meals interesting and match them with your taste. Like carrots for example , but you should continue with more vegetables which have potassium also, like white beans, fresh tomato, green cabbage, white potatoes such as sweet potatoes, spinach, peppers , kidney beans etc. Prepare more foods from fresh ingredients to lower sodium intake. Most of sodium in the food supply comes from packaged or processed foods instead potassium is good for muscles and high bold pressure.

If you go with carrots too, you should know that carrot is a miraculous vegetable because according to the studies done in vegetables, only one carrot a day helps in reducing 50% of lung cancer.


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