Blueberries against wirnkles

Blueberry is a fruit full of flavor that amazes us with its benefits and practices. It is rich in vitamins but also its leaves can be used as a tea for the healing of various diseases . We all know the curative properties of blackberries. Numerous studies have shown that blueberries help improve sight, clearing arteries, strengthening of blood vessels, increased memory, inhibition of infections channels tract, in maintaining memory and physical strength and control body weight.

What is very important, blueberries also helps in improving vision, improving blood flow through the veins and improving the condition of capillaries. Blueberries also positively affects the memory.


Blueberries may also help your skin.
Following treatment against wrinkles, which we can do it at home,  also preferably practiced it twice a month.

Components of the mask are:
– 6 spoons blueberries boiled and print
– 2 spoons lemon juice
– 3 spoons yogurt
– 1 tsp honey

Remove makeup and clean  then your face with hot water .
Then get all the ingredients together and apply them in your face leave on for 20 minutes. Remove the mask with a warm washcloth.

After this treatment in your skin with ” blueberry mask” ,  you will have “fed” your face with full vitamins , and also with time you will notice  the effect on wrinkles.

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